Hollywood Hairspray III $12.95
PER01462 UPC barcode 670573014621
Look for Hollywood Hairspray III on July 15th, 2004.
Perris Records is proud to announce the complete track listing for Hollywood Hairspray III. HH3 is jam packed with brand new and unreleased tracks from some of today's favorites as well some new up and coming artists. CD features over 70 mins of music.

The complete track listing and running order is as follows:

1. Stampede Queen "In It For The Money" (Amazing new studio recording not found on the "Nights At The Cockfights" cd) (Sample)

2. Funny Money "Bad Luck" (Amazing new track featuring Steve Whiteman, Jimmy & Ronnie of KIX) (Sample)

3. Mad Margritt "Straight Through the Heart" (New track from their upcoming album) (Sample)

4. Cherry St. "Comes Around Goes Around" (Unreleased track) (First time on CD)

5. Tigertailz "King Of The World" (Steevi & Ace return with great new track)

6. Shameless "Realize" (Brand new recording from German Glam Band, Features Steve Summers on vocals) (Sample)

7. Gemini Five "Babylon Rockets" (New glam kings of Sweden) (Sample)

8. Machinegun Kelly "White Line Offside" (Andy Pierce & co. amazing sleaze band. The "White Line Offside" received an amazing KKKKK (5K's) in Kerrang magazine)

9. Switchblade "Switchblade Serenade" (Sleazy Dirty Rock from Denmark, Ken Anthony on vocals)

10. Crazy Lixx "Death Row" (Amazing dirty Rock 'N' Roll from Sweden) (Sample)

11. Eat The Gun "Welcome To The Show" (Great new hard hitting rock band from Germany) (Sample)

12. Nineteen88 "Big Rawk" (Ballsy hard rock from the mid-west. features Mick Rowe, brother of Jamie Rowe) (Sample)

13. CRASHDÏET "Riot In Everyone" (new Swedish glam band)

14. Schroeder "Doesn't Do A Thing For Me" (Melodic hard rock band from New Jersey.)

15. Tommy & The Love Tribe "Million Times" (N.Y. sleaze band once featured in Metal Edge)

16. Sleazy Dream "Backslide" (Glam / Sleaze band from Finland)

17. Tracy Gang Pussy "Play It Hard" (French Glam / Sleaze band) Hollywood Hairspray the DVD is coming in August 2004.