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Acacia Avenue - Early Warning - PER5202

IN STOCK NOW!!!,  For Fans of Journey,  Survivor, Dokken & Giant. CD $8.95

Age Of Reflection - In The Heat Of The Night - 003824D

IMPORT CD $12.99

AMERICAN REBEL SOUL - American Rebel Soul - PER5412

For Fans of The Black Crowes, Cry Of Love, Badlands,  Airbourne  & Blackberry Smoke. CD $9.95

Angels Or Kings - Go Ask The Moon - 003726D

For fans of Dare, Danger Danger & AOR/Melodic Rock. IMPORT CD $12.99

AOR - The Heart Of L.A - PER5452


For fans of Journey, Foreigner, Giant & Toto. CD $9.99

AOR - L.A Darkness - PER5192

2 Bonus Tracks!!! For Fans of Journey, Foreigner, Giant and Toto. CD $8.95

Billy Satellite - II - AHV131

IMPORT CD $15.99

Boneyard Dog - Bluesbound Train - 003754D

For fans of Tony Carey, Foreigner & Rainbow. IMPORT CD $12.99

Bulletrain - What You Fear The Most - AORH00138

IMPORT CD $15.99

Captain Black Beard - It's a Mouthful - PER5222

For Fans of Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Guns N' Roses & Alice Cooper. CD $8.95

CONFESS - Haunters - PER5482

For fans of  Crashdiet, Shotgun Messiah & Skid Row. IMPORT CD $9.99

CONFESS - Jail - PER4992

For fans of Crashdiet, Shotgun Messiah and Skid Row. CD $8.95


For fans of Vain, Ratt and Motley Crue. CD $9.99

Dante Fox - Breathless - AORH00136

IMPORT CD $15.99


For Fans of Babylon A.D., Rod Stewart, Prince  & James Brown. CD $9.95

DIRTY GLORY - Mind The Gap - PER5342

IN STOCK NOW!!!,  For Fans of Guns N’ Roses, Van Halen, Skid Row, Vain, Tesla, Winger  & Danger  Danger . CD $8.95

DRUNKEN ROLLERS - Boogie Generation - PER5142

For fans of The Allman Brothers Band, Gov't Mule and ZZ Top. CD $8.95

Featherstone - Northern Rumble - AHV00134

AOR modern melodic rock IMPORT CD $15.99

HARDREAMS - Countdown Time - PER5162

For Fans of Whitesnake, Queensryche and Dokken. CD $8.95

HEAVY STAR - Electric Overdrive - PER5172

For Fans of KISS, Van Halen, Skid Row, Tesla, Y&T and Ratt. CD $8.95

HELIX - Rock It Science - PER5382

IN STOCK NOW!!! A best of CD with one new studio track. CD $8.95

HELIX - Skin In The Game - 4122


HELIX - Back For Another Taste - PER5312

IN STOCK NOW!!!. For Fans of AC/DC, Aerosmith & Alice Cooper. CD $6.95

HELIX - Rockin' In My Outer Space - PER5282

IN STOCK NOW!!!. For Fans of AC/DC, Aerosmith & Alice Cooper. CD $6.95

HELIX - half ALIVE - PER5292

IN STOCK NOW!!!. For Fans of AC/DC, Aerosmith & Alice Cooper. CD $6.95


IN STOCK NOW!!!. For Fans of AC/DC, Aerosmith & Alice Cooper. CD $6.95

HELIX - It's A Business Doing Pleasure - PER5302

IN STOCK NOW!!!. For Fans of AC/DC, Aerosmith & Alice Cooper. CD $6.95

HELIX - Live in Buffalo - PER5272

IN STOCK NOW!!!. For Fans of AC/DC, Aerosmith & Alice Cooper. CD $6.95

JESSE DAMON - Southern Highway - PER5392

IN STOCK NOW!!! For Fans of Kenny Wayne Shepherd & Bon Jovi. CD $8.95

Jidhed, Jim - Push On Through - 003803D

Hard Rock / AOR from Sweden Feat. Singer of ALIEN. IMPORT CD $12.99

LIZHARD - Bigger, Better, Stronger - PER5362

IN STOCK NOW!!!. For  fans of  Whitesnake, Europe & Gotthard. CD $8.95

LoReLey - Here We Are Again - PER5212

For fans of Bon Jovi, Mr Big, Extreme, Whitesnake, Queen & Saga. CD $7.95 BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!

MAD MARGRITT - Love, Hate and Deception - PER5402

CD IN STOCK NOW!!!. For Fans of Skid Row, Warrant and Nickelback. CD $8.95

MARENNA - No Regrets - 58053

For fans of  BON JOVI, JOURNEY and KANSAS. IMPORT CD $9.99

Miss Behaviour - Double Agent - AHV00101

For fans of Europe, Journey and Def Leppard. IMPORT CD $10.95

Niva - Atmospherical - 003720

For fans of AOR rock and Journey. IMPORT CD $12.99

NOELY RAYN - Escape From Yesterday - PER5252

IN STOCK NOW!!!. For fans of  Toto, Whitesnake,  Thin Lizzy, Paul Rodgers & Gary Moore. CD $8.95

Peo - Welcome To The Party - AHV00132

AOR/melodic rock IMPORT CD $15.95 

PINNACLE POINT - Winds Of Change - PER5462

 For fans of Kansas, Deep Purple, Journey & Seventh Key. CD $9.99

Reckless Love - InVader - AHV00129

For fans of Motley Crue & Def Leppard. IMPORT CD $15.99

ROCK ALLIANCE - Rock Alliance - PER5472


For fans of Journey, Boston,  Aerosmith, Motley Crüe and Skid Row.            CD $9.99

Srdjan Brankovic - Expedition Delta 2 - PER5332

IN STOCK NOW!!!For Fans of Journey,  Foreigner,  Asia  & Heart. CD $8.95

SunStrike - Rock Your World - AHV00095

For fans of  Tyketto, Firehouse and Danger Danger. IMPORT CD $15.99

SunStrike - Ready To Strike - AHV00133


Supernova Plasmajets - Supernova Plasmajets - 003843D

80's Glam Hardcore Superstar style. IMPORT CD $12.99

Sweet Mary Jane - Winter In Paradise - 003812D

IMPORT CD $12.99

TEQUILA SUNRISE - Danger Zone - PER5442


For fans of Danger Danger, Ratt, Dokken, Mr Big and Bon Jovi. CD $9.99

THE STEEL - The Evolution of Love - PER5432


For fans of Rush, The Winery Dogs, Led Zeppelin, Gotthard & Richie Kotzen. CD $9.99

TOXIC ROSE - Total Tranquility - COL12

IMPORT CD $10.95

W.A.N.T.E.D. - God's Best Sinners - PER5182

For fans of Guns 'n Roses, Buckcherry, Nickelback & Whitesnake. CD $8.95

White Widdow - Silhouette - 003781D

For fans of  Survivor, Dokken, Night Ranger and Giuffria. IMPORT CD $12.99

Wickman Road - After The Rain - AHV00135

For fans of melodic rock AOR style. IMPORT CD $12.99


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PERRIS RECORDS is proud to announce a special 10 year anniversary ROCKNATION CD SAMPLER ISSUE features exclusive interviews with HELIX, DANGEROUS TOYS and a concert photo layout of DANGEROUS TOYS in Houston, Texas. Also a interview with TILES and new Perris Recording artist JESSE DAMON, MAD MARGRITT, ACACIA AVENUE, CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD, NOELY RAYN, LORELEY, DIRTY GLORY, SRDJAN BRANKOVIC, LIZHARD, W.A.N.T.E.D. & more. This Issue will be in a PDF file on the sampler CD so customers can read the Issue and listen to the samples of artist at the same time with their computer. This version is now online for all to read. The MP3 samples of these artist will be online soon.