BABYLON A.D. - Rome Wasn't Built In A Day $14.99

BABYLON A.D. - Rome Wasn't Built In A Day $14.99

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Derek Davis’ We are so excited about this release. It’s been 6 years since our last studio album “Revelation Highway’ came out and the band has grown a lot since then. The live album that we released last year, ”Live Lightning” really super-charged us to get back on our game and we really put a lot of time and effort into this album and it really paid off. The band had over 20 songs to choose from and we picked what we think are the best 11 tracks to represent the bands sound and direction. John Mathews and Ron Freschi really stepped up and gave me some awesome guitar riffs to work with and our new members Dylan Soto on drums and Craig Pepe on bass added a little extra because they also write music, so I had a lot of good music ideas too choose from and write lyrics to. Songs like the opening adrenaline rushed driving track, “Wrecking Machine”, the slow burn metal rocker “Pain”, and the atmospheric “Crashed Into The Sun”, really capture the bands diversity of our musical tastes and the input of the band members contributions really bring alive the energy and intensity of the tracks. While songs like “Face Of GOD”, “I Will Never Break Again” and “Sometimes Love Is Hell” are all great ballad musical arrangements and really have some interesting story telling for the listener. And of course we have some big catchy choruses the band is known for like the title track “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day”, “White Hot Bullet and a real melodic catchy tune called “Looking For A Heartbeat”. The band also put together a ripping instrumental called “Super Beast” featuring some fantastic lead playing by Ron and John. We really took our time during the mixing faze and some of the song mixes I did had 5 - 7 versions of a track. So it was a little hard to choose sometimes which mix was the best to represent the song, it really was a thought filled creative process beginning to end. We also got real lucky to have grammy award winner David Donnelly ‘DNA Mastering’ to master the album, he’s done many top records we’ve all heard, ‘Motley Crue”, Chicago”, Aerosmith”, Slash” and a whole lot more bands we all know. This guy has got a great ear and knows his turf. Babylon A.D. can’t wait to start playing the songs live and we have some very exciting shows coming up, The ‘Whisky Go A Go’ in June and ‘Monsters On The Mountain’ in August in Gatlinburg Tennessee are defiantly some of shows we are really looking forward to playing.. I know the fans are really gonna love this album. You know what they say’ “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day” and this album took a some time but man was it worth the wait!  

BABYLON A.D. - Live Lightning $12.99 CD


Live Lightning CD $12.99

BABYLON A.D. is Back! The band is excited to announce the new live concert recording, “Live Lightning” from Perris Records. The new album includes their top-ten rock-radio classic hits “Hammer Swings Down”, “Kid Goes Wild", “Bang Go The Bells” from their debut release, their hit “Bad Blood” from the “Nothing Sacred” album and songs from their studio albums “American Blitzkrieg”, “The Lost Sessions” and their last release “Revelation Highway” are all featured. The fourteen hard rocking tracks on “Live Lightning” showcase the high-energy, powerful live performances that Babylon A.D. is renowned for and the band plans on hitting the road in support of the new album.

Formed in 1987, Babylon A.D. hail from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Original members, Derek Davis vocalist/songwriter, guitarists’ and music writers John Mathews and Ron Freschi, drummer James Pacheco and bassist Robb Reid all met in high school, playing in rival bands before they began playing together and becoming one of the top drawing original Hard Rock bands in Northern CA. Locating to Hollywood CA in late 1988, the band soon made a name for themselves with their powerful live performances and catchy songwriting skills.

In 1989 Babylon A.D. caught the attention of Arista Records president and industry music mogul “Clive Davis”, who signed them at a live showcase in Los Angeles thanks to their impressive three song demo and a home made video.

Their self-titled album “Babylon A.D.” was released in 1990 and included their hard rock classic hits "Bang Go The Bells”, “Hammer Swings Down” and “The Kid Goes Wild”, which was the trailer song and promotional video for Orion Pictures (ROBO COP 2). The band scored three #1 songs at Metal Radio and reached Gold status on their first release, which spent 38 weeks on the Billboard top 200, peaking at # 46.

Their sophomore effort (Nothing Sacred) released in 1992 produced two more top-ten metal rockers. “Bad Blood” and “So Savage the Heart”. Constant touring throughout the early 1990s and several MTV videos made them one of hard rock fans favorite bands.

After spending several years with Arista Records the band signed with Apocalypse Records in 1999 and released “Live In Your Face”, a compilation of live tracks recorded at various cities’ across America. Their next release “American Blitzkrieg” soon followed in 2002 and both CDs were well received by critics and fans alike.

In 2008 the band released Babylon A.D. "In The Beginning” on Perris Records, a compilation of songs from the original demo tapes that secured them their recording contract with Arista Records.

After a long hiatus the band started playing and recording again in 2014. Touring across the States and Europe releasing a four song E.P and another album, the latest “Revelation Highway” was released in 2018 on Frontiers Records, Four videos and more touring followed through the beginning of 2020.


BABYLON A.D. American Blitzkrieg $16.99 CD

BABYLON A.D. - American Blitzkrieg $16.99 CD

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Track listing: American Blitzkrieg, Magic Mary, I Wanna Live, Sinking In The Sand, The Sky's Falling, The Unreal, One Way Ride, Glyde, SuperStar.

BABYLON A.D. - In The Beginning, Factory Pressed CD $25.99