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Twisted, Rude & Sticky Sweet CD $12.99

This is a limited 500 CD pressing. This Cherry St. CD features 11 demos that the band recorded before getting signed to JRS/BMG in 1993. After it was discovered that someone in Russia was illegally selling a bootleg CD with a version of these demos on EBAY for $140.00, Perris Records decided to release the tracks with improved sound quality and original band photos in the CD artwork. The bootleg CD artwork consists of low quality pictures and the recordings were taken off old cassette tapes sold by the band years earlier. For this release on Perris, the first six tracks were taken off the master DAT tapes. Tracks 7 through 11 were recorded in smaller studios as              pre-production and were never intended for sale. Anthony Focx, whose credits include Ace Frehley, Buckcherry & Night Ranger, mastered all 11 tracks on this CD. The Russian bootleg version is a low quality product and is ripping off the fans and the band.


Squeeze It Dry - CD $9.99 on sale


This "Squeeze It Dry" CD is a re-issue of the 1993 JRS/BMG release featuring all new artwork. After the re-issue of the "Self Titled" release selling out in a few weeks Perris Records has decided to re-issue the "Squeeze It Dry" CD. This CD has Erik Turner (Warrant) Tommy Thayer (KISS, BLACK 'N BLUE) & Pat Regan (Kiss, Deep Purple, Shotgun Messiah) producing two tracks "No Doubt" & "Whisky" and Pat Regan remixing previous tracks on the bands "Self Titled" release that are included on this release.  

CHERRY ST.-Monroe & X Rated-2CDs $29.99
CHERRY ST.-Buster Cherry $12.99
CHERRY ST.-X-Rated-CD-R $9.99
CHERRY ST.- Monroe $19.99
Demon Angels-Time Of Confusion $8.99 CD

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CONFESS- Haunters - CD $12.99 only 5 CDs left