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T to Z - CDS


Danger Zone - CD $9.99

For fans of Danger Danger, Ratt, Dokken, Mr Big & Bon Jovi.

Perris Records is proud to announce the CD release "Danger Zone" by Tequila Sunrise in 2017. Tequila Sunrise is a Hard Rock, Hard & Heavy and AOR band formed in 2010- 2011. Some of its members are session musicians, each with a wide and varied music related professional career, in rock as well as in other different styles. Three of the band members, that had a friendship relationship before, met several times in many of these jobs: Rubén Santos, Ramón Blein y Cecilio Sanchez-Robles, so then was when they decided to found Tequila Sunrise, that besides having an extraordinary technical quality, it has a fresh and personal touch, product from the musical eclecticism reflected in each of its songs.



The Evolution of Love - CD $4.99

For fans of Rush, The Winery Dogs, Led Zeppelin & Richie Kotzen.

Perris Records is proud to announce the CD release of Italy's premier hard rock heavy metal band "THE STEEL".  THE STEEL "The Evolution of Love" features eleven studio tracks recorded in true rock & metal form. THE STEEL formerly known as WIZARD released 4 demos “We Can Do   It” 1988, “Shiver And Shake” 1990, “Carved The Rock” 2010 and “Straight To The Unknown” 2014 . WIZARD also had tracks released on two compilations “Surgery Of Power” 1989 and “Rocka In Musica” in 2012.


Tracy Starr - CD $4.99



Tracy Starr is best described as a revival of gutsy, hard hitting, tongue-in-cheek rock and roll. The band was formed in late 2002 when East Coast Music Award winners and former members of An Acoustc Sin - Daniel Dupuis and Stephen Leblanc, also ex-Exotic Gypsy, decided to leave the band to head in a different musical direction. Their aim became to write songs that were solid, as Leblanc puts it, the kind that want to make you crank the car stereo,"These songs just make you want to drive FAST!" Whether on stage or in the studio, Tracy Starr exhibits a wealth of creative energy, as exhibited in their first single Ride, which wowed listeners of online radio station Radio xXx so much that the band destroyed their opposition in voting for the weekly Unearthed award in January 2006. Tracy Starr has also had their music appear in several Extreme Sports DVDs in their native Canada. Appropriately, their live shows leave nothing to be desired either; they are the release of pent-up artistic intensity... as well as the realisation of a dream, five years in the making.

The Glam That Stole Christmas

Volume 1 - CD $12.99


Featuring Lillian Axe, Big Bang Babies, Loud 'N' Nasty.

Perris has gathered some heavy hitters Lillian Axe, Kristy Majors (Pretty Boy Floyd), Big Bang Babies, American Heartbreak and Swedens own Loud 'N' Nasty with a unreleased well as brand new bands for this project. Jason McMaster (Broken Teeth, Dangerous Toys) is featured on the Cd Cover.


Tales of Lovelessness - CD $12.99 Only a few copies left.


For fans of Pretty Boy Floyd & Poison. 

Tales Of Love And Lovelessness is the sophomore release the glam quartet known as Vamp. The music reminds me of a modernized Poison, with elements of punk added to the mix. Songs such as "4th Of July", "Misspent Youth" and "Got No Love" rock out, while tunes "Mary May I" and "Tell Her" show the bands softer side. Vamp definitely has potential; if this is the future of glam we're headed in the right direction. Tales Of Love And Lovelessness gets
two thumbs up!



Stand Together For Rock - CD $7.99

For fans of KISS, Mötley Crüe & AC/DC.

VAN ARX — Hard Rock in an unmistakable 80s style with everything you’d expect to see on stage during those wild and crazy times. Powerful original songs with a deliberate nod to icons like Kiss, Mötley Crüe, AC/DC and many more. With three lead vocalists, VAN ARX covers the entire spectrum of the genre and guarantees a diverse performance. VAN ARX also means a visual flashback into the 80s: four strong personalities carry the audience off into a time of glam rockers with long manes, platform boots and spandex. The musicians shed their identities and become Tyler String, Jake Fake, Brewster Kickass and Sticky Martin. Expect to be part of an exciting show with attitude, pyrotechnics, smoke and lights as the central elements of this collaborative work of art. 1984, the heyday of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and the birth year of the Swiss band VAN ARX. After achieving considerable local success, the first chapter in the band’s history ended in the early 90s when the band members decided to pursue different musical avenues. But those formative years were never forgotten. 2014, a VAN ARX reunion. The joy was immense. A melding of musical maturity, old friendships and a passion for Hard Rock and Metal gave the band its direction. After a short warmup period, VAN ARX is set to relaunch in its original lineup with a solid live concept and a brand new album.


When Pigs Fly - CD $4.99

For Fans of Helix, AC/DC, Aerosmith & Alice Cooper.

A 2016 Re-Issue CD with new artwork including different photos in CD booklet. This is a limited pressing of only 500 CDs.  This was Brian Vollmer's solo CD written with Rob Long, Tony Paleschi, and Bill Gadd. Together they had a weekend cover band called 7 Year Itch which played throughout Southern Ontario. Originally this CD was started as somewhat of a joke, but when the songs started to take shape and everyone could hear how good they were, it became a serious project. Several of the songs ended up on other Helix CDs. Although 7 Year Itch does not exist anymore, the 4 members remain good friends. Tony, Bill, and Rob were all involved with helping to write the next Helix CD Rockin' In My Outer Space as well.


God's Best Sinners - CD $4.99 LOW STOCK!!


For fans of Guns 'n Roses, Buckcherry, Whitesnake.

Following the successful release of "Meat 'n Greed" 2013 , W.A.N.T.E.D returns with a brand new 12-track studio album and a totally refreshed powerful sound. 'God's Best Sinners' is the band's 3rd official studio album and it's going to be released in April 2016 by Perris records. Recorded and mixed at Valve Studio, Thessaloniki(GR) by Stratos Karagiannidis , the mastering was made by Steve Nagasaki for Nagasaki Sound, Las Vegas (NV). The band's new sound was completed with a last minute change in its line-up and with Tom Hellfinger (Diary of Secrets, Madrake) filling up for the guitarist's position. Also, there was two additional guest musicians for two separate tracks of the record. Andrea Martongelli (Arthemis) featured guitar solo on the track 'Never Get Me Alive' and George Matikas(Shock Absorber) on 'God's Best Sinners' outro guitar solo. With the release of the album, the band is planning a mini-tour around Greece and some neighbour countries for the spring and a european tour in fall. Dates and venues are soon to be announced in the band's website. A number of music video clips are scheduled to be released for the promotion of the album in the following months. W.A.N.T.E.D. is a greek hard rock band from Thessaloniki,GR formed in 2001 and founded by members Strutter(bass), Dean Mess(vocals), Constantine Matis (drums), and Angelos Gerogiannis (keyboards). A few lineup changes followed, and the band's current line-up consists of the founding members plus Tom Hellfinger (guitars). Since W.A.N.T.E.D ’s inception, they have released 1 Demo EP : Shit Happens (2004) , 3 studio albums: Neon Nights (2007) , Meat ’n Greed (2013) and God’s Best Sinners (2016) and took part in 2 Tribute albums: Don’t Tribute Bad - The songs of Firehouse (2004) and Centre of Eternity - A millennium tribute to Ozzy Osbourne (2012). The band has attracted most people’s attention with its remarkable shows.


Meat 'N Greed - CD $4.99

For fans of Guns 'n Roses, Buckcherry,  & Whitesnake. 

Formed in 2001, played in the best live stages in Greece, opened for well-known musicians such as Steven Adler, Paul Di’Anno, Dokken, Star Star, Firewind, Bonfire, White Lion, Whitesnake and many more. Recorded their demo ep ”Shit Happens” in 2003, their debut album ”Neon Nights” was released on March 2007 and in June (2007) they released the “e-single” cover “Hit The Road Jack”. They took part in the tribute album “No More Tears: A Millennium Tribute To Ozzy Osbourne” covering Ozzy’s “Center Of Eternity”. The band has attracted most people’s attention with its remarkable shows. Now in 2013 they will release “Meat ‘N Greed” on Perris Records with a worldwide deal.