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4 CDs for $8.99, 24 titles available

Please pick any 4 CDs from the list below and mention in PAYPAL notes. CDs shipping WITHOUT CD cases well protected in plastic sleeve, cardboard backing in bubble envelope shipped MEDIA MAIL.

1. AESTHESIA - Shattered Idols,  2. Aerosmithsonian- Aerosmith tribute 2 CDs,  3. Name Your Poison - Poison Tribute 2 CDs,  4.  DENNIS DEVELIN - Tip Of The Tongue,  5. Empire - Leeches,  6. Grandma Moses  - Too Little, Too Late,  7. HELLSPRAY -  Part of the Solution,  8.Hollywood Hairspray 6,   9. Hollywood Hairspray 7,  10. IAIN ASHLEY HERSEY - Nomad, 11. JOEY SUMMER - One Bite From Paradise, 12. Michael Riesenbeck - Shouting Silence, 13. NYMPHO - V.I.P., 14. PERRIS WORLDWIDE NETWORK CD,  15. Platoon 13 - A Soldiers Life, 16.ROLLER - Candy It Up, 17. SEQUEL - Back, 18.SEVENTH RIZE - Full Moon, 19. SEX DEPARTMENT - Rock "N" Roll Suicide,   20.  Perris Network Volume 1,   21. Switchblade - Rock N Roll 4ever, 22. WILD MACHINE  - II, 24. WINTER PARADE - Two,

$.99 CD's

Each CD $.99 each.


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Please pick CD from the list below and mention in PAYPAL notes. CD shipped WITHOUT CD case well protected in plastic sleeve, cardboard backing in bubble envelope shipped MEDIA MAIL.

1. MNEMIC - Sons of the system, 2. CORAM - A splenoid choas, 3. Jayce Landberg - Sleepless nights, 4. IBRIDOMA - City of ruins, 5. MOFRYKY - HUMAN AQUARIUM, 6. Broken Glazz - Divine, 7. MOONRISE -Under the Flight, 8. ROONEY "s/t" Cutout CD small hole in tray, 9. Cadaveric Crematoriu - Grindpeace,10.EIGHT OF SPADES - DRIVEN, 11. Defaced - Domination Commence- Cutout CD small hole in tray, 12.Warmblood - Timor, 13. CHUPACABRAS - INCIVILTA, 14. Stinkaholic-Hurry Up!...& Wait-cutout, 15.WRATHFUL PLAGUE - Thee Within the Shadows, 16. Absurdus - No Heaven in Sight, 17. ASSEDIUM - FIGHTING FOR THE FLAME, 18.Art Damage-Fear Before the March, 19.SILVER LAKE - EVERY SHAPE,20.DEVIL HEAD -Your Ice Cream's, 21.Defleshed - Death... The High Cost,-cutout, 22.HATERUSH - MARK OF THE WARRIOR, 23.THE JOYSTIX - Playin' With Fire, 24. Shadow & The Thrill - Sugarbowl, 25.WARMBLOOD-GOD OF ZOMBIES, 26.Nightfall - LYSSA Rural Gods, 27.BAD BLOOD - Worn Out, 28.Aion-Noia, 29.EUPHORAPHONIC - FAR FROM HOME, 30.Oblivio - Dreams Are Distant, 31.Plan E-Bassonova, 32.TICKET TO HELL - MAN MADE, 33. Stikki Fykk-Fazt Carz USED CD, 34.SEEDS OF SORROW-IMMORTAL JUNKIES, 35.YOUR TOMORROW ALONE-ORDINARY, 36.Manntis-SLEEP IN YOUR GRAVE, 37. BLOOD OF VANGOGH- DIGIPAK, 38. Cristiano FILIPPINI - The First Crusade,39. DEAD TO THE WORLD-s/t, 40.Dumper - The Gunshot Theory, 41.FLESHTONES - Beautiful Light,   

Sale CDs $.50 to $4.99


Shattered Idols - CD $2.99

For fans of Guns N Roses and Hardcore Superstar.

Azrath 11

Ov Tentacles & Spirals - CD $.99

 Shipped without CD case. 


KICK ASS! - CD $4.99

 For fans of Motley Crue & Guns n' Roses.

Black Crowes

By Your Side - CD $5.99

 Factory sealed.

Blind Alley

Destination Destiny - CD $4.99

For fans of Giant, Journey, Styx & Survivor.


Hidden Depravity - CD $.99

Shipped without CD case.