Many new Perris Records titles are available through our WOWHD distribution. 


WOWHD ships to Australia, Denmark, Germany, Canada, France, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, The Netherlands & United Kingdom (UK).

Testimonials of WOWHD customers  below:

Robert - The Netherlands I bought 3 AOR Cds for only €35 Euro Free shipping and NO customs fees.

Masahiro - Japan - I ordered the Morano "Incognito" CD,  they had it in stock and it was a quick delivery.

Frank - Canada - I have bought Cds from WOWHD for a year now. The Free shipping is not done by anyone.

Gerhard  - Germany I got the Helix "Old School" CD one of my favorite bands for only € 10.41 This CD would have cost me close to € 30 euro from the USA and a 4-6 weeks shipping time frame. 

David - Australia-  I saved $15 on the shipping cost from the USA and no customs fees. I got the SteelCity-Mach II CD in a few days, no more waiting 3-5 weeks from the USA I'm sold on WOWHD.. 

Fabien - France -  I'm a huge Dangerous Toys fan so I bought the 99 Crimes CD (featuring Paul Lidel). This was my first order with WOWHD. I will be ordering many more Perris Records titles from WOWHD very soon. 

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